Keynote Speaker – Soil Expert – Organic Farmer

Glen Rabenberg is an internationally known speaker, soil expert, CEO, and organic farmer. His areas of expertise are soil remediation, high quality crop production, organic farming practices, and animal health. He explains through storytelling and humor how simply correcting the cause can decrease a farmer’s input costs, improve crop quality, build soil resiliency, and restore the agro-ecosystem.

Glen is often called on to speak at industry events to present on the subject of soil compaction, water penetration, organic weed control, crop quality, and animal health. He frequently speaks at the ACRES USA annual conference – the largest agro-ecological conference in the United States.

Prior to becoming involved in soil restoration, Glen’s journey began in the animal pharmaceutical industry. Many of the diseases he was employed to treat were the result of nutritional deficiencies from the grains and forages the animals were consuming. Glen has proven that by increasing the oxygen content of the soil and building the carbon content of the plant, we can correct the cause of most agricultural problems rather than react to their symptoms.

Glen maintains his third generation organic farm in Bancroft, SD. He is CEO of Soil Works LLC, extensively travels the world speaking on soil restoration, and is the innovator behind GSR Calcium.


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